Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Party, Birthday and photoshoot.


Reyk week: Terrance party.

Ingibjörg and kiddi


Kerema @ faktory

The morning after.

We had a picknic

I threw bread to the ducks and the seaguls came and ate it all.

Little girl.

Hekla and hjalli with heklas brother.

Great view

Eating a whale


My present to Hekla

Hannah, Hekla and Adam

Katrín and Adam

Blowing out the big ass candle.

Some guys throwing a frisbee

We drank alot of this.

The birthday girl

The whole gang.

The morning after, there was a pineapple party

Soo good!

Really warm outside


Dinner party at home.

The same evening @ Hekla's place

Hjálmar shaving

I got tierd.

Five guys wearing the same pants

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