Monday, June 27, 2011

Take Five

I am now studying for a final exam at summer school and i took a little time to post a blog that i was going to do last night.
I recomend listening to the song while looking at the pictures :)

Here is the song Take Five

I had to take the bus downtown and i just missed it so i went to a clothing market nearby and met Salóme and Aníta.
Salóme looking at some chlothes.

The police headquarters in reykjavík.

Hekla hiding her face from the camera and a tourist giving the thumb up in the backround.


Shadow Creatures
Cartoon VS Reality.

What i do for the summer, i plant vegetables.

Two of my co-workers.

Wery sunny days have gone by.


Katrín Eating some ice-cream that i brought her.

Doing nerdy stuff.

All set for the weekend

Walking up Laugarvegur.

Trying to find his wallet.

I just missed the bus home from downtown so i had some time to kill while waiting for the next one, so i went to the nearby cemetery and took some shots.

That cemetery i so beautiful.


Me and Erna went on a sunday drive to hvalfjörð over the weekend and took some pictures.

Playing with a horn that she found there.

My camera is broken and sometimes it takes pictures out of the blue and this is one of them.

The car that we had.


Sunday, June 26, 2011


I took these few months ago and wanted now to post them.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

No blog in 19 days

Like the title says i haven't posted a blog in 19 days and it was a long due post.

The last party at hekla's place.

I had maybe to much to drink.

6:03 AM


Trying to start the car.

This was the best meal i had in months!
Dinnerparty at my house
Delicious dinner.

Cake time!

Of course i had some of the dough.

Buying tuna with hjálmar

Happy independence day!

Erica, hekla's cat

Hjálmar doing some nerdy stuff...

I went shopping for food with my camera.

Margrét Björns at Rokk og Rósir

Rokk og Rósir

Rokk og Rósir

Arnaldur at prikið
Faktory seen from hekla's new place

@ Faktory

@ Faktory

World's stronges noodles!

Nudy mag.

I brought them burgers to bed.

Hjálmar playing the piano with a stuffed bunny on his head.