Sunday, June 19, 2011

No blog in 19 days

Like the title says i haven't posted a blog in 19 days and it was a long due post.

The last party at hekla's place.

I had maybe to much to drink.

6:03 AM


Trying to start the car.

This was the best meal i had in months!
Dinnerparty at my house
Delicious dinner.

Cake time!

Of course i had some of the dough.

Buying tuna with hjálmar

Happy independence day!

Erica, hekla's cat

Hjálmar doing some nerdy stuff...

I went shopping for food with my camera.

Margrét Björns at Rokk og Rósir

Rokk og Rósir

Rokk og Rósir

Arnaldur at prikið
Faktory seen from hekla's new place

@ Faktory

@ Faktory

World's stronges noodles!

Nudy mag.

I brought them burgers to bed.

Hjálmar playing the piano with a stuffed bunny on his head.

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