Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Some color, some not

 I have been pretty lazy posting a blog but i never stop taking pictures, for the past weeks i went to many graduation party's, got two new jobs for the summer and went to few concerts.
Here is me and tatiana at my friends helga's graduation party.

Drinking some bubbly.

Everyone having such a good time!

At hressingarskálinn playing cards.

My mom had her birthday few day's ago and my father gave her these beautiful roses.

It was raining beautifully one day... i took my camera out for a spin....

... and it was such a good rainy day.

Ham playing at silfurberg in the new Harpa.

Some metalheads.


Sing for me sandra at concert at faktory.

And again.

My friend kalli (on the right)

Ultramegatechnobandið stefán

... again.

I laughed so hard when i saw that photo.

Aron and erna.

So much fun!

Addi at dagbjört's graduation party.

From right: Rebekka, Dagbjört and Salóme.

Alot of dancing!

At the exact moment when i took this photo, the sofa broke, and as you can see, it was shocking!

And a little smile from me in the end :)

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