Monday, June 27, 2011

Take Five

I am now studying for a final exam at summer school and i took a little time to post a blog that i was going to do last night.
I recomend listening to the song while looking at the pictures :)

Here is the song Take Five

I had to take the bus downtown and i just missed it so i went to a clothing market nearby and met Salóme and Aníta.
Salóme looking at some chlothes.

The police headquarters in reykjavík.

Hekla hiding her face from the camera and a tourist giving the thumb up in the backround.


Shadow Creatures
Cartoon VS Reality.

What i do for the summer, i plant vegetables.

Two of my co-workers.

Wery sunny days have gone by.


Katrín Eating some ice-cream that i brought her.

Doing nerdy stuff.

All set for the weekend

Walking up Laugarvegur.

Trying to find his wallet.

I just missed the bus home from downtown so i had some time to kill while waiting for the next one, so i went to the nearby cemetery and took some shots.

That cemetery i so beautiful.


Me and Erna went on a sunday drive to hvalfjörð over the weekend and took some pictures.

Playing with a horn that she found there.

My camera is broken and sometimes it takes pictures out of the blue and this is one of them.

The car that we had.


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  1. Vá flottar myndir hjá þér! Sérstaklega úr kirkjugarðinum :) Og þessar síðustu úr Hvalfirðinum eru mega old school fílingur!